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Old January 18th, 2011
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Default BIG Save with the ZR3 on Weekend!

I was on Rt 22 in NJ heading west to Pa for a snowboarding trip this Sunday. I noticed there were tons of LEOs who had pulled over drivers on both east and west bound. I didn't worry about it though and thought to myself "oh those guys must've been going really really fast..., doubt they'll go after me"

But sure enough maybe 20 mins later my ZR3 goes off with a laser alert. I didn't see any cops but I knew to slow down (was going around 82mph) to the speed limit. Once I got to around 60mph, I double tapped the remote mute button. Then I see a LEO on the right side with his window down. Passed by, drove as if everything was normal, checked my rear view and he never pulled out.

I know the ZR3 is considered somewhat old, but that combined Veil & laser shield totally saved my butt. This was my first "save" from laser... and it was the greatest feeling. Money well spent... FYI, car is an 06 G35x in Diamond Graphite (dary gray). Shifters are located in between the chrome grill slats, but exposed. Headlights are covered in 3 coatings of G4.
2006 G35x
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Escort ZR4 + Veil G4

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Valentine One 1.8
LI Gen 8 Duals + Veil G4

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Old January 18th, 2011
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Very nice!

My ZR4's have saved me a few times as well. Love there interrogation into my 9500CI.
To embrace technology is not to blindly accept it. We must always question and test technology but never be afraid to use it.

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Old January 18th, 2011
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My zr4's have also saved my butt a few times too
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