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Old May 16th, 2017
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Originally Posted by Djtimex1 View Post
Dude I think you can relax, I watched about 30 seconds of that video and shut it off. The whole concept of using radar to see if your texting is no where near ready to be sold to law enforcement. There are so many problems and bugs that need to be tested and worked through, I doubt that will ever even work. The purpose of a news story like that is to make people say wow, can they do that? And then they want to scare everyone into thinking it's right around the corner?

That said if in the next 10 years something like that is released I am sure Escort and every other detector company will try to figure it out. Rest easy the sky is not falling.
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Old May 16th, 2017
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Originally Posted by Djtimex1 View Post
This is too funny. It detects Did the disclaimer that it can't tell if its the passengers or the driver give it away? How about if you voice text because now you can do that through Android or Apple car play.
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