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Old May 7th, 2017
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Originally Posted by gra View Post
Well, i think taking 80$ for FW upgrade it is the same or maybe better than selling a new unit, but Escort want to sell.
Difference from 8500 x50 (2009 and up), x50 euro and x50 "intl" is only in software (and case color)
They can update an x50 "euro" to x 50 intl in 10 minutes, and I am ready to pay for that...
Escort radar has said in the past I believe that there is also a hardware difference between a USA 8500 X50 and the International version. My understanding is they sell an international version (euro). I dont think there are two separate models named international and euro. Last up the 8500 models were never user update able like the Max line or new IX model. These models have been discontinued so i doubt Escort will even be servicing these for much longer much less do any firmware changes. Not gonna happen.
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Old May 9th, 2017
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HW for the same year of x50 is the same. FW is different. x50 grey USA model has an x50 "euro" brother sold here in europe. The difference is in FW. And digging deeper, there were some different "sub FW" on that euro model (poland, czech, spain, ru...) with minor differences on segmentation...
Then, in USA you get "black" model, so we get "intl" (not "euro" anymore)...
HW for "intl" version is the same as USA model, but FW is different...

I said I WISH escort write my "euro" detector with a different (and better for my needs) FW, and I am ready to pay....
Why an almoust identical HW cannot accept an K1,K2,K3 segmentation from FW?
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