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Old March 15th, 2013
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Default IQ Mount

Thinking of getting the bean bag mount since my mount keeps falling from the windshield. The ball coming out of the socket the past year has been really annoying and almost to the point I have been thinking of getting rid of it entirely and trying something else. If I get the bean bag mount though, will the detector still have issues "suctioning" to the mount?

The windshield mount seems to lightweight for the IQ. Mine would get loose after a while and then the little set screw stripped out. Now, when I try and adjust it, the ball will come clear out of the socket and I have to stop and put it back in.

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Old March 15th, 2013
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Default My 2 cents

I have been using the Bean Bag for my Reline and SC55. I feel that all types of rubber suction cups go bad. However when using the Bean Bag, the weight is straight down which I believe makes it last longer. Mine lasted a year and a half and instead of replacing the Cup Mount I permanently attached it to the Bean Bag Base. It is very easy to remove the entire unit for storing out of sight.
I have had a IQ since the first ones shipped. My wife uses it in her car and we are astounded that we are still using the original wind shield mount. It has worked in all temperatures hot and cold in the Midwest. Many people are having issues with the wind shield mount, we have not. I did damage the first Super Cup that I bought for my 9500ix. I yanked it off the wind shield to reposition it. I did release the lock lever however I did not remove the cup by pulling on the little rubber tab on the cup. And doing it that way causes the suction cup to rip where it is mounted internally in the center. It becomes a floppy paper weight
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Old March 16th, 2013
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I had the same problem with my IQ and called Escort and the rep I talked to told me he has 2 IQ and suggested putting, i laughed when he told me, hair spray on it. Well I did it and it hasn't fallen off yet.

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