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Old 4 Weeks Ago
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Default Is Escort firmware numbering different than normal?

I just got a MAX 360C. It has firmware version 1.10. I have been getting a lot of false alerts from the rear antenna on 33.880 Ka. I did some searching online and found several warnings that if I have lower than version 1.5 I must upgrade before September 12th. I thought ah-ha! That's my problem I am only on version 1.10, I need to upgrade. I figured because I bought the unit after the mentioned Sept. 12th date I would have to update via USB.

I was able to find one of the antique USB cables needed and proceeded to update the unit using Detector Tools Pro. It says I have the latest software. And then it dawned on me. There is no "0" in 1.5, but there is a "0" in 1.10. In every instance of software version numbering I have ever seen version 1.5 would be a newer version than 1.10. Does Escort really doing it like this?
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
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v1.10 is the latest firmware version. If you have the latest software installed and continue to receive false rear radar alerts, your MAX 360c may need to be serviced. To set this up, please contact us at the number in my signature.

We use the software versioning that most everyone else uses: Major version. Minor version

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or you can fill out a repair form and we will contact you.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
isuzudave isuzudave is offline
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I'm still researching the 33.880 Ka falses. I read somewhere that it might be my phone (Pixel 3XL) causing it.

I got a crash course in firmware numbering from a co-worker. I now understand how it works. It can be confusing that 1.1 and 1.10 are not interchangable in the software numbering world.
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Yes I believe it has been reported that the iphones can cause this ....
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