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Old September 22nd, 2019
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Default Does the IXC protect have Spectre shielding

I could not find anyone where it mentions if it has these feature.

This web site said the Redline has the protection. Link removed.

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Old September 23rd, 2019
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Links to product sales are not allowed on Escort's product support forum.

Only current Escort detectors that are undetectable by the Spectre radar detector detector are the Redline EX and the Max360ci/Max360. (Edited to correct my error, 9500ci is discontinued).
"Spectre Radar Detector-Detector
U.S. non-commercial drivers should not be concerned at all unless you drive in Virginia or Washington DC. If you do drive in either of those places, are a commercial driver, or drive in Canada, please note that while all of our current detectors are immune to the VG-2 radar detector-detector (RDD), there is a newer RDD named Spectre that can detect most radar detectors currently on the market. Our RedLine and Passport 9500ci models are also undetectable by the Spectre radar detector detector."

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Old September 23rd, 2019
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Redline EX, and Maxci, and Max360ci are only current detectors that are invisible.

Older units that are no longer for sale are Escort 9500ci, Redline Original,
I use the following Escort Products

Escort Redline EX
Max360c with wifi
M1 Dash cam with both detectors
Escort Live
ZR5 Shifters
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Old October 2nd, 2019
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The ONLY detectors that are truly undetectable to all Spectres and other radar detector detectors (RDDs) are those that use our patented TotalShield technology. These are RedLine EX, Passport MAX Ci and the now obsolete RedLine, Passport 9500ci and Beltronics STi series.

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or you can fill out a repair form and we will contact you.
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