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Old January 12th, 2020
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Question Mexico highway police frequencies used?

Hi Guys,

This last Christmas holiday I traveled toward Monterrey Mexico and was stopped by Federal Highway Police (similar to our Highway troopers to have an idea), he was courteous and let me go after telling me to reduce speed.
I noticed that my tuned redline which is very accurate most of the time in US, it did not detected their radar detector, not a single blink or beep came out from my redline. I know he used probably a radar because he told me exactly my speed. Afterwards I did a factory reset thinking that probably he was using X or laser frequency. On my way back another Highway Federal police detected my car, but I was driving closer to the limit, he just turned his light on, showing me that he detected me and to slow down. I already had reduced my speed when I saw him. Again my Redline didn't detected his radar. After arriving back to the US my redline began to detect normally as before.

What type of radar frequency does the Mexican highway police uses? Maybe are they using some type of european radar guns with different frequency? Please advise.

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