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Old April 18th, 2018
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Default Any resources for general radar/laser use and methods by state?

Heads up about what I am asking about and the reasons.

I have been driving with radar detection in my home state of Arkansas since 1990. Over the years I have gotten familiar with alerts/duration/location to be pretty good at deciphering who or what is lighting me up....a few examples.

Highway Patrol is highly focused on DOT enforcement. They generally run K band and run it "loud and proud". I figure this is due to nationwide ban on detectors in big rigs so the just pound it out front and rear. Often they are in trucks or SUVs so I feel the high profile of the vehicle and thus transmitter location raises the line of sight so much they can be picked up miles away. SO....takeaway, long hard K alert is probably Highway Patrol ahead or behind.

State Troopers almost all use Ka. For years they were using the "instant-on" or hold function. They would cruise in the left lane or hide in the median and try and snipe you out. SO...take away, a Ka alert probably means they are on top of you. HOWEVER in the last couple of years all divided highways now have "cheese grater" dividers so there is no more bailing through the median. I knew this would lead to a change in tactics.......but I didn't expect the change I have seen. State Troopers now seem to run with Ka on ALL THE TIME. I suspect something led to this change and wonder IF there was a shift official tactics and if so WHY.

X band is almost never used.....I have thought many times of turning it off (along with Laser but see next paragraph) but have the thought in the back of my head of rolling into a tiny town with an X-band unit from last century sitting there just sucking me in as I blindly bumble into his clutches.

LASER is what tripped the switch to make this post. I have never had a confirmed laser alert. AFIK Arkansas has not used it. I have gotten false alerts......years ago with a Bel had to wire diode in power line. Gotten falses near airports and military installation during out of state travel. Yesterday while traveling I-55 towards Memphis I heard a beeeeeppppp. Thought it was my cell phone making a crazy noise......but then noticed the detector was flashing LASER. I then noticed a State Trooper sitting perpendicular to the interstate with wide open view and thought 'he MUST be using laser'. His tinted windows prevented me from seeing what he was doing but my speed was not high enough to draw further attention. Since he was behind traffic barrier I suspected had he nailed anyone a roving unit must be ahead to issue ticket so I drove within the limits for the rest of the trip. Sure enough I saw several units so I have no doubt there was a traffic push going on yesterday at least.

So with all that said........I would like to be able to research by state what each department uses X/K/Ka, Laser/LIDAR plus if there are any regulations either official or unofficial on the use of instant-on vs always on.

PS.......If anyone from Escort is reading this I would love a way to be able to turn down the K band ramp-up on my 9500i. All the collision detection radar out there is making my 9500i a real noise maker.

Thanks to all who took the time to read this long post and hope to connect with like minded individuals that quest for knowledge!!
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Old April 19th, 2018
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Using City mode on your 9500i will reduce X and K band sensitivity.

I'm glad to hear your 9500i is still serving you well. Our new detectors reject virtually all alerts from collision avoidance emitters. I highly recommend the MAX 360 and MAX 360c.

Call our sales experts at 1-800-964-3138 to see if your 9500i can be used as a trade-in towards a new detector.

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or by live chat

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Old April 20th, 2018
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Good post, there are some websites out there that purport to have radar and laser data but I question the accuracy. As to your radar running all the time c/o I too have not (thankfully) run across an I/o trap in at least 5 years anywhere. I think less people use detectors than they used to for several reasons. One the speed limits are higher than they used to be. Two people think (wrongly) they can rely on an app such as waze only, and three, most people using a detector have a sub par $100 detector that can’t handle bsm or falses so they stop using it. So I don’t think I/o is as prevalent as it once was.

When I started driving in the late 80s it seemed everyone knew what a detector did even if they didn’t use one. Now it’s like many haven’t the faintest idea about them at all. Sad but that’s ok and if the police want to think they are no good too then that’s fine by me. There are plenty of unprotected drivers to catch all day long.
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