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Default Max 360c Bluetooth WiFi Hotspot PSL MPH Defender and Live

Reposted from another thread ...

I have a Max360C and a Note8.

It baffled me that I could not get the PSL/MPH display to work ... only dashes. NOTE: but with a white background.

Here's what I learned. There is Defender and there is Live. Two different things from two different places.

WiFi is for maintenance and use with Defender, NOT with Escort Live. So if you want to update the Defender database of Cams etc or firmware use wifi at your house or hotspot. Or, underway, but NOT with Live.

If you want to use Live, DO NOT USE WIFI underway, only use Bluetooth. Then your PSL/MPH square will have a blue background and the PSL will be numerals when LIVE has a value for the PSL. This definitely works.

If you leave your car's hotspot connected WITH bluetooth and Live, it steps on the IP stack (or something) and kills the comms from Live WRT to the PSL/MPH display, and it's background turns white.

So, at home, use your home WiFi for Defender and Firmware updates, but on the road, just use Bluetooth from your phone and all is good.

I think Defender is half baked and in intended to be used like Live and the app, but sort of, but not. I have NOT tried, NO bluetooth and NO Live and JUST WiFi/Hotspot and Defender and PSL/MPH, maybe I will be don't really care so much, but may be good for not using phone, just the detector???
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