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Old September 26th, 2018
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Exclamation Detector Tools Pro updated to v2.3.3.24

What’s new in Detector Tools Pro v2.3.3.24:
- Improved Windows 10 compatibility
- Customers can now resolve undiscoverable Bluetooth issues using “Update All”. The detector or MAX Ci interface no longer needs to be serviced to resolve.
Detectors which may be affected are:
  • MAX Ci
  • MAX Ci 360
  • MAX II
  • X80
  • Bel GT-360
- “Find Device” and "Update Bootloader" features added
Detectors which may be affected are:
  • MAX 360
  • MAX 360 BLE
  • RedLine EX
  • RedLine EX INTL
  • MAX 360c
  • MAX 360c INTL
  • Bel GT-360

How to use "Find Device" and "Update Bootloader":
1) Run Detector Tools Pro as an Administrator by right clicking on the Detector Tools Pro icon and selecting “Run as Administrator” from the menu.

2) Select menu item “Device -> Find Device…”
Note: This menu item will not be active if a device is connected to Detector Tools Pro. If a device is connected, it will show but be greyed out.

(If you did not initially run Detector Tools Pro as an Administrator, you will be asked if you want to restart Detector Tools Pro as an Administrator. Click “Yes”. Windows will ask for permission. Click “Yes” then select “Device -> Find Device…” from the Detector Tools Pro menu)

3) If Detector Tools Pro finds the detector, it should now connect to Detector Tools Pro. If Detector Tools Pro detects that the detector requires a bootloader update, it will prompt the user to perform a Bootloader Update.

4) Now select menu item “Device -> Update Bootloader”
Note: This menu item will only be shown when the device is out of date and a new version of the bootloader is available.
IMPORTANTLY Detector Tools Pro will warn you to not unplug the detector until the update has completed. Doing so could render the detector inoperable requiring it be sent in for service.

5) After the update has completed, you should see a message stating: "Bootloader Update Completed Successfully!"

6) Unplug and re-connect the USB cable into the detector. The detector should now work properly with Detector Tools Pro

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or by live chat
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