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Old July 7th, 2019
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Default I think I got a bad camera

I just ordered two M1's off of Amazon. My wife and I both have 360c's. The one in my wifes car was a breeze to set up. Wife connected first time, I could edit settings, see live feed, all was good.

Then I went to put the one in my car. Initially set up took a couple tries to get it to connect, but it did indeed connect. I was able to see live feed. Then I went into the settings and the camera disconnected and I could no longer see it in my phones (iphone Xr) wifi. I found the trouble shooting and did everything it said.

Cycle power on both camera and phone
I turned off data on phone
clicked the top button for the wifi
Removed memory card to make sure it was seated properly

and that's when things got weird. Every once in a while my phone would see the camera, but I was having a hard time getting it to ask me to type in the password. Then, one time I did get it to ask me the password so I typed in the default 12345678 password and it said it was incorrect password. Odd, but I thought maybe somehow my phone (even though I didn't use my phone in my wifes car, I used her) crossed over or something, so I tried the password for her camera. No luck.

So, I then used the master reset button on the back of the detector. Booted up, and I was able to see the camera. I thought sweet, this fixed it. Nope, when I typed in the 12345678 it said incorrect password.

Also, the camera seemed abnormally hot. Pretty sure I got a busted camera. If no one responds to this thread from Escort tomorrow I'll call in, but I'm REALLY hoping I don't have to call in. I don't want to sit on hold for me to have to tell someone all the steps I already went through in the instruction manual.
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