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Old February 2nd, 2019
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Originally Posted by TBNTX View Post
Sure, I can do, but it might not be necessary. Simply insert one or two metal washers (as needed) between the threaded tube and BM's extension arms, just enough to prevent the arms from being pulled-in. This is what causes the tilting.
Thank you for the reply. Since I have the BlendMount on my BMW, I had to attach the bracket to the other post; otherwise, the rearview mirror gets in the way of the M1. Iíll have to figure something else out. Thank you.
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Old April 1st, 2019
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Escortradar, you create great product (video quality perfect). Do not know about download speed from dash cam to mobile phone. Hope this also working good. But why did you not think about the product from the category of "install and forget"? My radar detector is always in the lower left corner, I think shooting from the bottom would give a bad angle and visibility. But I do not want to put a radar detector at the top in the middle, so that nothing interferes with the review. I understand that this arrangement of the camera and the detector quite suits some.
Look at the idea of one of the Chinese manufacturers in the screenshot, they do for almost all car models. I also use a video camera from this manufacturer (photo from my car). But the trouble is that his brilliant idea is spoiled by poor video quality, very weak download speed, as well as a bad phone app. Maybe you should take this idea into service and wrap your high-quality product in the same quality wrapper?
I will be one of the first to buy and enjoy your product with pleasure.
If you're interested, I will send you a link to the website of the Chinese manufacturer.
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