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Default Using the M1 with the StickyMount

I’m quite dissatisfied with the camera. Why doesn’t it have a quick release that’s similar to the detector? If I want to put my sunshade up, I have to pull the sticky cup risking breaking the clip or pull the cord from both the detector and camera.

I’m returning the camera because of this.

Moderator: Your comment is off-topic, so I'm moving your post to a new thread for better visibility. The original thread was about using the M1 with a Blendmount RVM mounting system, and you are using the StickyMount.

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Old 2 Weeks Ago
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Before you return the M1, remember that its pivot arm can be positioned higher or lower, or nearer to the windshield or further back. It sounds to me that you have positioned it too high.

You might also consider repositioning the StickyCup slightly lower on the windshield as well.

To me, this sounds like a positioning issue, Radarkat.


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