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Default Arizona: Public Opposition Defeats Red Light Camera Proposal

Full article at

Fountain Hills, Arizona turns away from controversial plan to implement red light cameras

""Having a twenty-four year career in law enforcement, I thought I knew what red light cameras were and speed cameras were until I started researching them," Spelich continued. "I called the Chicago fusion center and spoke to somebody that had knowledge of red light cameras. They use red light cameras and speed cameras on a daily basis to track people... I find that very troubling... These companies have the sole rights to all these videos... They have the right to share that information with whomever they want to share that information."


""I attempted to get as much information as I could," public works director Justin Weldy said. "To say it was a challenging would be the very least... [The companies maintained] proprietary and contractual secrecy on how they make their money and what they do in regard to photo enforcement."

The vote was seven to zero to reject the camera proposal outright. As an alternative, council members supported a look at engineering fixes that could improve traffic safety at the location."
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