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Old November 16th, 2018
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Default Speed Camera Firm Announces New Tactics

Full article at

Speed camera firm Verra Mobility, formerly ATS, tells investors it will focus on school bus cameras.

"American Traffic Solutions, now known as Verra Mobility, last week announced a new strategy to enhance profits. This was the first time that the newly public company has had to inform the Nasdaq about its financial performance for the quarter. The firm produced a set of adjusted results to show how operations fared, excluding the costs of merging a recently acquired toll road management firm with what used to be the core red light camera and speed camera business."


""It's going very well, we've really started to land the plane in key markets," Roberts said. "Georgia is a key market. We did open up through legislation that there is now the availability for school zone speed [cameras] in the state of Georgia, which is huge -- approximately $50 million.""


"National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show school bus drivers, not passing motorists, are responsible for the vast majority of school-related transportation injuries (view report)."
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