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Default Max 360 erratic gps reliability

This unit is in my wife’s Lexus and about 2-3 weeks ago she told me that while driving, it would announce the gps signal was lost several times while on a 15 min errand. We have been married for 26 yrs so she now knows that if she is going to make me aware of something like this, I am going to fire back a plethora of “analytical” questions....”how long is in on when it does this....what locations does it do this may times in “X” number of mins....are you on your iPhone when it happens.....are you raising one arm up and singing with the radio...are you cussing at another motorist when this happens...etc etc”..... SHE SAID THERE IS NO PREDICABILITY.

Well we took her car on a small trip today and about an hour into the trip, it started showing my speed from 99MPH to 0, when I was going about 60. I tried to adjust the settings using EL and Bluetooth and the app said “no radar detector”. Now, she doesn’t even have the app and it’s happening to her and with me and I do have the app, so it’s not that. Came home, and got in car an hour later, and it worked for about a min and started acting up again.

Has anyone experienced this? I know it’s going to have to be sent in, but I am seriously considering another unit from a different manufacturer.

Any thoughts on what it could be and for anyone who knows the technical things about this unit, is it worth sending back to Escort? It’s probably 3-4 yrs old

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I do not hear about this happening. It will need to be serviced. Please contact us to set this up using the contact information in my signature below.

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or you can fill out a repair form and we will contact you.
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