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Old January 12th, 2017
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Default Oregon Appeals Court Rejects DUI In A Wheelchair

Full article at

The disabled are pedestrians not subject to drunk driving charges when they cross the street in a wheelchair according to Oregon court.

"As one of its last acts in 2016, Oregon's Court of Appeals decided to limit the trend of expanding the coverage of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) charges. A three-judge panel ruled that the stiff punishment meant for those endangering the lives of others while behind the wheel of a two-ton machine should, in most cases, not apply to a man confined to a motorized wheelchair.

Oregon Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum wanted to throw the book at James Richard Greene, who used his wheelchair to cross the road in Lincoln County on October 16, 2012. Having had a bit too much to drink, Greene's wheelchair hit a truck, injuring Greene. The incident drew the attention of local police, who decided to charge the disabled man with DUI because he was in a motorized vehicle."
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