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Originally Posted by jimveta View Post
this is the app's overspeed limit though, which is relative to the PSL, and different from the absolute overspeed limit (top speed alert) in the detector hardware. You can set it to PSL+25, which would be sensible enough at least in regular traffic... except on the freeways, it always gets confused next to onramps, offramps and overpasses, using the PSL of the streets instead, so I'd rather just disable it completely, which I guess hasn't been fixed

As for BT connection, mine was working reliably for some time until one time recently I had the same connection issues others have talked about. I wonder if it's hardware related and not software, like maybe temperature or wear or something...

I knew what u meant, I just couldnt word it properly, lol.. and for whatever reason I thought over PSL was higher than 25, but its not.. and you are correct about the high way onramps. Even after getting on the highway a good mile and it still has the local streets PSL.

Originally Posted by jwolffie View Post
Do you even test your software before you release it?
The new release took 15 minutes to connect to my detector, my commute is only 20. Makes it useless.
No live alerts are shown
No voice connection to my phone any more
When it did alert my detector went off for 30 seconds before my phone alerted, I ride a motorcycle, I can not hear the detector I rely on the phone, which is now useless
Maybe their about to release a brand new $800 windshield mount detector, and that new detector would have all the bugs and issues fixed compared to the previous versions. 😂😂

Honestly I've given up on both their app, and getting PSL on wifi. Only time I turn wifi on now is to check for any updates. This most recent time, it wants me to update DB 100 times, either because I missed that many already, or it's not saving. I dont know and dont care. What I do care about is it needs the ability to notify in reasonable range, with understandable arrow indication. So far, it's only been good at telling me where signal is coming from, not use to ramp up yet, usually goes from 2-3 bars at 1000 feet, (distance is a complete guess so dont hold any value) but signal already in sight range. and doesn't go full alert til I'm basically touching the radar signal..
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