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Old May 4th, 2016
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Default IQ update

Hi All;
Trying to get a map update on my Passport IQ...
Tried calling the 800-964-3138 for two days & finally got a human who tersely informed me that updates are no longer available.

I understand that (somewhat), but it would seem that the last update would still be available even if somewhat out of date.
The data collected for the last update doesn't 'spoil' so would it be logical to assume an 'older' but in this case fresher update would still be possible??
Just asking as I'm not in the trade...

If in fact it isn't possible from Escort would NavTec be a viable possibility??
Failing that any other options?? Could a SD card be purchased or 'rented' from another updated IQ owner??
Thanx in advance;
Old May 4th, 2016
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The last update to the Maps was about March 2014 (2 years ago) and the unit was discontinued shortly after that. They have NOT had any map updates for 2 years. although you can STILL update the defender database for the iQ, BUT that does not update MAPS.

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