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Old July 7th, 2009
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Default Request a camera location be added into the Defender database

Notice a red light or speed camera that your GPS enabled Escort radar detector did not alert to?

First, be sure it is actually a red light or speed camera. Many intersections and roadways have stationary and mobile cameras set up to monitor traffic flow and do not issue citations. Pictures are posted below for referencing these, notice that most cameras which issue citations have multiple lenses and/or a separate box (that includes the flash). Also many municipalities are required to display a notice in the form of a sign that they are photo enforced areas.

If you are certain that the camera/s need added to the Defender database then CLICK HERE to send me a private message that includes the location and the type of camera with as much detail as you can (ie both streets at an intersection, the closest two intersections/exits on a highway with a speed camera).

Escort Inc and our partners involved with updating the Defender database appreciate your information and will try to include it into an update as soon as possible. It may take some time for the actual location to be added into an upcoming update while we have the proposal verified.

Thank you for your information and your business!

Below are pictures of common red light and speed cameras followed by common traffic monitoring cameras that do not issue citations and should not be reported

Red light camera Red light camera

Red light camera

Speed camera

Below is a picture of a traffic monitoring camera that does not issue citations and should not be reported. Many of these traffic monitoring cameras are also mounted on street light poles along with solar panels.

traffic camera

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