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Angry Disappointed with reliability of Max 360

The Max 360 was my fourth detector from Escort, back to the original Escort (circa 1981) from Cincinnati Microwave, the first Passport soon after they came out and another Passport (Circa 2003). All were flawless and the last one was replaced only because of the false signals from the stationary speed detectors for traffic monitoring.

So, it was only natural to stay with Escort and I got the Max 360 in December of 2015 (SN 79005804). Within a few years, the Bluetooth quit, it started "forgetting" the static radar that I locked and I started getting more false signals due to car radar for collision avoidance. I tried to update, but I couldn't...Apparently, my unit early production and detector tools didn't work. Nice...Especially after advertising about being upgradeable for future technology. Soon after that, the display started getting dimmer. It's now barely visible at night, when set to MAX. If it allowed white alerts, it would be tolerable, but it isn't an option.

For grins, I just tried the latest detector tools thinking that Escort had found a way to support the early production. My detector connects, but when I try to update all, nothing happens except for Software Update(s) Failed To Complete!

My detector has never been dropped and now it's unusable because of the lack of display and constant false alarms from new cars...Hondas/Acuras being the most common. And in SoCal, Hondas are all over. With the amount of money I spent on this I expect better, particularly after the rock solid reliability of my previous three units.

So, I'm in the market for a replacement, but quite frankly, I'm pretty damn gun shy with Escort now. Who on the forum can give me a reason to trust the reliability/upgradeability of a new Max 360. Or maybe I just go with another brand.

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