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Old December 21st, 2018
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Default Speed Traps: Cedar Park & North Austin

Multi-Use Speed Trap Locations :
* Note: These are self-witnessed, at least intermittently used locations w/ general times of day observed )
Cedar Park :
- Brushy Creek @ Gupton, South Roadside, foliage cover : Afternoons, Rush Hours.
- Brushy Creek @ Islamic Center parking lot (rare), away from roadside : Days, Evenings.
- E Park @ Gupton Stadium & LDS Church parking lots : Mornings, Afternoons.
- E Park @ N Mount Rushmore, north side of Park : Morning, after rush hour.
- E Park @ S Cougar Ave, south side of Park : Motorcycle Patrol standing under foliage just off eastbound lane on a Saturday afternoon.
- 183A (Toll) b/w Avery Ranch & Brushy Creek on northbound frontage, positioned to check speed from passing vehicle's 6 o'clock : Afternoon.
- 183A (Toll) b/w New Hope & Whitestone/1431 on southbound divider b/w on ramp and lanes @ southbound frontage of At Home big-box store/parking lot.

Austin : (these two require full vigilance)
- N 183 @ Hymeadow on northbound grass divider b/w nb lanes and off ramp/frontage : Frequent use afternoons, rush hours, evenings.
- S 183/Research b/w 620 & Hymeadow on southbound grass divider b/w sb lanes and frontage/on ramp : Frequent use mornings during rush, after rush, afternoons, PM rush & evenings.

More later.
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