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Old June 7th, 2019
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Default Insurance Industry Wants More Buzzers And Chimes In Cars

Full article at

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety cites a limited study to claim more seatbelt buzzing will save 1489 lives.

'The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) believes today's cars do not have enough buzzers, beeps and chimes. The group, which serves as the lobbying and public relations arm of the insurance industry, is calling on the US Department of Transportation to change federal mandates to lengthen the duration of seat belt chimes by a factor of ten. The group claims longer buzzing alone will save 1489 lives."


"One out of four participants defeated the buzzers by buckling the belt behind their back, waiting for the enhanced buzzer to stop, or they just turned up the volume on the stereo. Because this caused unwanted results in the study, their behavior was excluded from the conclusions. Two out of three drivers of the Subaru with the 90 second buzzer said the system was annoying. In a related IIHS survey, respondents explained that they unbuckled their belts in locations where they believed the devices served no purpose, including the driveway, in parking lots or on residential streets."
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