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Old March 23rd, 2015
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Originally Posted by UtilityBelt70mph View Post
that's my biggest fear is to be pulling my cord from my carrying case, and have it snag or break. i wonder if i could make a cap for it. similar to the caps people put on toothbrushes
I've use Ethernet cables with "snagless" boots on the RJ-45 connector.

A quick google search came up with this for RJ-11:

Unlike the boots I've seen of RJ-45, this one looks like it can be installed after the connector is already crimped on.

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Old March 23rd, 2015
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Honestly, as often as you will actually break the tab on the RJ11 its easier to just replace it as needed with another RJ11.
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Old August 15th, 2016
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just wanted to say thanks to this thread i was able to figure out which connector i needed to replace on my hard wire setup and realized how easy it was to replace!!

about 2 years ago while installing my hardwire, the locking clip got stuck on another wire and broke off. since then the connector comes out once in a while and i couldn't merely run a new hard wire because i custom fit the internal electronics of the mute package into an oem slot in my dash.

i just bought a new 360 to replace my escort pro500 (up for sale if anyone is interested) and wanted to fix that connector and this thread made me realize how easy it was. $1.20 later i have 10 new connectors and a borrowed crimper, and it was done in about 5 min!! now i get the sweet, satisfying snap in sound when i plug in my radar detector haha
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Old October 1st, 2017
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Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
Looking at the RJ plug with locking tab toward you, from left to right:

white - black - red - green - yellow - blue

White and blue are only used on the SmartCord Live cords for Escort Live.
I may be a little dense... I have a passport Max2, what i'm looking for is:
1. what function do the six pinouts on the radar detector is.
2. I don't get the reason of using an RJ11 with four pins when the Escort wire uses 6 pin RJ11.
3 all I need is a power and ground, if I want the other items then I will deal with it. so..... which pinouts of the detector need switched 12v and which one is ground.
4. the way to describe the pinouts is my numbers AFAIK which would say something like :looking at the detector touch keys up the pins are from left to right 1 color, 2,3,4,5,6 and so on, this way you don't have to describe the connector either by looking at the front of it, or the back of it, or the clip on top, or the clip on the bottom. if the description is as listed above, then it's easy to figure it out because the male connector fits only one way.

Sorry if I'm being anal, I've a computer programmer since 1969, in my senior year of high school , IBM 360, Fortran, Cobol..... and yes there are mainframes out there that use Fortran. and I also have tons of experience in electromechanical engineering background, I worked mostly on computerized high production sewing machines and we would ship them all over the world, so we described connectors as i mentioned above.

Thanks all.
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Old October 3rd, 2017
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Red is +12VDC
Green is -12VDC

There are no numbers on RJ connectors for someone to reference.

If you are looking at the RJ connector with the conductors and the cable facing you, then reverse the order that I gave before.

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