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Old January 8th, 2019
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Default Max 360c Bluetooth WiFi Hotspot PSL MPH Defender and Live

Reposted from another thread ...

I have a Max360C and a Note8.

It baffled me that I could not get the PSL/MPH display to work ... only dashes. NOTE: but with a white background.

Here's what I learned. There is Defender and there is Live. Two different things from two different places.

WiFi is for maintenance and use with Defender, NOT with Escort Live. So if you want to update the Defender database of Cams etc or firmware use wifi at your house or hotspot. Or, underway, but NOT with Live.

If you want to use Live, DO NOT USE WIFI underway, only use Bluetooth. Then your PSL/MPH square will have a blue background and the PSL will be numerals when LIVE has a value for the PSL. This definitely works.

If you leave your car's hotspot connected WITH bluetooth and Live, it steps on the IP stack (or something) and kills the comms from Live WRT to the PSL/MPH display, and it's background turns white.

So, at home, use your home WiFi for Defender and Firmware updates, but on the road, just use Bluetooth from your phone and all is good.

I think Defender is half baked and in intended to be used like Live and the app, but sort of, but not. I have NOT tried, NO bluetooth and NO Live and JUST WiFi/Hotspot and Defender and PSL/MPH, maybe I will be don't really care so much, but may be good for not using phone, just the detector???
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Old 3 Weeks Ago
mikecronis mikecronis is offline
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I have done this. I turned off Bluetooth and Escort Live App and just ran with Wifi Hotspot to see. I had the same problems too with the dashes and white background. I had thought maybe the two connections were causing an IP conflict. It was bugging me too.

Still just the dashes (you can't get rid of those, or put voltage) if you run WiFi. I wasn't sure if I was actually connected to WiFi at all so I tried reporting a LEO and sure enough, it says, "Reported", so it DOES go up to the cloud. I'm not sure if it goes to EL or DD or both?

I wonder if WiFi only would RECEIVE upcoming Ka threats? Escort assured me it did but I'm not sure how it would be displayed on the screen? "Ka Band detected on-route 7 miles ahead?" Not sure how the 360c would indicate as-such (or at all). I have a dark suspicion WiFi is meant solely for Firmware/Database updates and Reporting (not receiving) threats to feed the anemic Escort Live (EL) active database and compete with Waze at the expense of WiFi data-usage for the user at our own cost for Escort's gain.

I had the same results with Bluetooth being able to show everything nicely, and even select Volts. If you have both WiFi and Bluetooth on, attempting to adjust settings will not work via the phone; you have to disable WiFi it seems.

Anyone ever get a WiFi, non-Application (non-EL) indication of an upcoming Ka-band threat on the detector? What did it display or say?
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Old 3 Weeks Ago
SmoovC SmoovC is offline
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I received one today on the way home. IIRC, it said "Ka Band spotted ahead" (or something to that effect) and displayed a red icon, with an arrow and distance in feet on the OLED display of the unit. The arrow changed direction and the distance in feet changed as I drove.

I am using the 360c connected to an aftermarket 4g LTE wifi hotspot made for automotive use. I know a lot of people have had / are having issues connecting to in-car wifi; I cannot say I have had the same. Mine has worked correctly since I upgraded from a 360 to the 360c in March of 2018. The unit takes typically less than a minute to fully connect (after the car is started) to wifi, acquire a GPS signal, and display the PSL and my speed; as it should.

The 360c trumps the 360 in every way: ease of use (no EL via BT and a cell phone needed!), arrows are much more pronounced and easier to read at a glance, and the unit has better ergonomics.

I really feel for those who are having issues; it has to be frustrating. I wish I could offer some insight as to how to remedy, but sadly I cannot. I can only say if you get it to work, it works extremely well.
DD: 2014 Cadillac CTS V-Sport Premium
RD: 360c w/ Blendmount
WiFi: Mito In-car hotspot (Verizon)
Phone: Pixel 3 XL 128GB Android P (Verizon)
Media: Android Auto
Dashcam: F770 2 ch F & R w/ park mode

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Old 3 Weeks Ago
mikecronis mikecronis is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Posts: 13

I actually received a "distant Ka threat" (created by myself earlier on the same road coming the other way because the EL/DD infrastructure is so weak).
Detector said, "Live Ka radar detected ahead".
Escort Live Application indicated "Ka band detected ahead" with the "Dashboard" Pop-up replacing the map and through my Bluetooth audio in my car. The pop-up showed an arrow pointing and a range IIRC as I approached. Works.

Using WiFi, the detector IS connected as it receives and sends reports but the PSL is always dashes. I have the latest firmware update. I've made my Hotspot password-less so it attaches instantly to it and goes white right away.

I find that a lot of areas in Colorado have NO PSL because the EL road-database kinda sucks. I think they're using Navteq. It's even missing roads that were built 3 years ago. Old data.

Using Bluetooth, I get some PSLs but some of the PSLs aren't correct, either as those have changed 5 years ago. I can only suspect up-to-date road-map data is expensive and Escort decided to buy an outdated one to work with "for now" because it's cheaper and they don't think roads are much being lain and built. In Colorado highways are being built every year and the EL database is severely lacking in data. I used to live in Boston and sure, roads don't change much; too crowded. Escort hedged their bets on that one. Shame.

PSL creates other problems and over-writes auto-mute cruise-alert data according to Vortex on YouTube.

I can run both Bluetooth and WiFi on the Max 360c simultaneously. Not sure if that was the intent of Escort, however. With Bluetooth you can make detector adjustments such as brightness, etc. but you can't with WiFi.

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