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Sorry for some reason I'm not getting any notifications of replies.

Originally Posted by sckoms View Post
I do nto see these mirrors on your website. I am interested in a mirror for a 2017 Acura NSX.

We are probably a few months away from having the Acura mirrors available. If you are ok using a manual dim mirror we have a Ford GT mirror that should be compatible with your mirror mount.

Originally Posted by spadae2 View Post
2017 Panamera?
We have the manual dim version of all of the Porsche mirrors available now. The factory auto dimming Porsche mirrors including the Panamera should be available in 60-90 days.

Originally Posted by Lancer View Post
that's a nice screen... I am assuming you can attached that to any remote detector?
The Escort 9500ci and soon to be released iX Ci can be installed in ANY mirror. The MAX Ci and 360 are available for all of the cars we posted to date in this thread. Thanks.

Originally Posted by 2Canches View Post
Where’s the Ford F-150?

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We can do the F-150 now if we use the glass from the BMW mirrors.. the glass on the top corners is about 2 mm's too narrow. The correct glass should be available in 3-4 months.

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Default 2018 Corvette and Camaro

We have added the new Corvette and Camaro frameless mirrors to our lineup. Please note these are manual dimming mirrors.

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Default New MAX Ci 360 Applications

We have several new auto dimming vehicle applications available for the MAX Ci Radar and Laser Platform:

Audi R8 Frameless
BMW Frameless
Lamborghini Frameless
Mercedes Frameless
Porsche - we have EVERY Porsche model

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Default Updated Applications for MAX Ci / 360 Radar Systems

Auto Dimming Mirrors

Audi R8 Standard Oval
Audi R8 Frameless
Audi R8 Frameless Polished Edge
Audi Frameless (wider mirror)
BMW Standard (except 1 and 2 Series)
BMW Frameless (new 7 and 5 Series)
Cadillac Escalade / Chevy Silverado
Ferrari Auto Dim
Ford Auto Dim
Dodge Challenger/Charger/Jeep/Chrysler
McLaren Auto Dim
Mercedes Standard
Mercedes SLS/GT
Mercedes Frameless (E-Class / S-Class)
Porsche All

Manual Dim Mirrors

Ferrari 360/430/458/488
Lamborghini All
McLaren All
Porsche All

If you don't see your vehicle listed please contact us for available options.

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