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Old 3 Weeks Ago
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Default Custom Unmarked / Marked Locations being Deleted After Every Update

Dear Escort,

As a long time customer for about 10 years and having purchased many of your products for myself, friends and family, I request that you seriously consider to address this issue:

I spend time and effort to mark/unmark certain things as I drive, only to have it all reset/deleted after an update (every 2 weeks), not only is this counter-intuitive operation, it's also very frustrating.

Please fix this strange functionality that keeps deleting my settings in order to update the detector.

Anyone else feel this is a good idea, feel free to chime in.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago
poolmon poolmon is offline
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With respect to GPS memory storage & updating the RD:
i) Marks manually entered by you go to your User Database, and
ii) Lock Outs manually entered by you plus those which are AutoLearned, (Lockouts/TrueLocks) go to your User Database.
Your User Database with Marks/Lockouts/TruLocks will remain unaffected whenever the Defender Database is Updated.

The only time you will loose a Lockout/TrueLock (whether Manual or AutoLearned) is if/when AutoUnlearn decides that it is stale and removes it over time.
AutoUnllearn is always on. It does not however affect User Marks.

In an instance where you Manually UnMark a location that is in the Defender Database, then and only then will that location come back after a Defender Update. This is because each Defender Update actually contains the entire cumulative Defender Database, not just new locations.

If you are losing custom Preference Setting (such as Display Type & Color) after updating the Software, there was one recent Software Update (at least on the 360c) that added a Preference Category which caused all the Preferences to reset to Default, but that is a rare case and due only to the added Preference category.

EDIT: If you are experiencing behavior other than shown above you will need to call for possible service.
You could also try to Clear Locations/Format in Preferences to try reformatting the entire DB as long as you have a current Defender Subscription to reload it.

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Old 3 Weeks Ago
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EscortRadar EscortRadar is offline
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Your marked locations should not be deleted when you update the detector's software (Defender or firmware). If they are then there is an issue with your detector. For further assistance, contact our service department at the number in my signature below.

Thank you

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or you can fill out a repair form and we will contact you.
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