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Originally Posted by pmcdonal View Post

Didn't want to wait that long, ordered a new 360c with trade in.
Good move. I did the same with my 9500ix
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Old 3 Weeks Ago
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Originally Posted by audiomixer View Post
My first detector was the 9500i which worked well. Needed a second detector and bought the new blue screen 9500ix. Liked it so well that I had my 9500i converted to 9500ix. Been running them for almost 10 years and has saved me more than I can count. Both units still work great but with all the false car alerts these days, I updated to the 360c. It seems to work just as well as the 9500ix without as many of the multiple false alerts the 9500ix was prone to. Also the alert direction detection is most handy. Wish laser direction could be included at some point.
Laser is much different then radar so arrows would never work as set up now. Most detectors have one actual laser sensor with a rear light tube that directs a rear shot to the sensor. Laser will not work from the side so you will never have a side shot. Only chance you would have for at least a front or rear arrow would be to have two seperate remote mounted laser sensors. One on the rear end of the car and one in the grill.
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