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Old June 24th, 2019
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Default Cheap - low Quality Suckion Cup Mount

Based on the below, I can not endorse Escort Products – not sure I will buy one in the future. By the way "SucKion Cup" is a play on words - I know how it is spelled.

I have two Escort 360 and one Escort 360c. I bought my first Escort back in the early 1980s (1981 or 1982). Back in the Fuzz Buster days and about a month after Car and Driver did a review of the Escort. It cost $245 (a huge amount back then for a teenager) and I had to WAIT A YEAR before Cincinnati Microwave could catch up with the demand and send me one. I was a teenager and that was forever. But it was worth the wait. I still have the radar detector.

Always thought of Escort as a top of the shelf quality product. Not until I purchased the Escort 360c do I have the impression Escort might now sell a cheap low-quality product. It will work well while it works but it is likely to fail (“break”) far sooner than one would expect.

My suction cup mount broke. This is a small issue but I have worked as an engineer and designed several products for IBM and AT&T and I can spot a low-quality design PROCESS. The process to keep making something cheaper until it breaks.

In this case, it is the windshield suction cup mount. My 360c is less than a year old and has been stuck to the same windshield most of the time. The lever has almost never been used (once or twice). Taken down once or twice. A few days ago the lever that compresses the suction cup to the windshield broke. It is spring load so pieces go flying all over the dash. Found most of the parts but at least one is missing and it is probably in my air conditioning vent and will cause me problems down the road. Upon review, the problem is simply the plastic is too thin or they have a problem with their plastic supplier.

Point is I pay the price for an Escort because I buy high-quality products and I want top quality performance in return. Not some cheap POS that is going to break in 6 months. And, NO, I am not going to waste my time sending it back for a warranty replacement even assuming they will send one. And why would I want another one of the same quality from the same source? I will look for another option.

Also, I purchased an extra mount for one of my 360s so I could move the detector to another vehicle without having to remove the suction cup from the windshield. So I move my M1 Dashcam from the broken mount to the extra mount and start to attach the 360c and guess what? – yep – the metal interface is different. The 360 metal interface is different compared to the 360c interface. Jesus Christ, why? Just to be a pain in the azz?

So I cannibalize the parts from my spare 360 mount and was able to make the 360c mount work – basically swapped the metal interface and the lever.

Here is my main problem. I suspect the above is the result of some bean counter (surely not an engineer) engaging in a cost reduction process until the product breaks – then they can make a correction. A broken mount is not that big a deal, just a pain. What I worry about now is what cost reduction process Escort has developed for the electronics? How long before my 360c electronics fail because some bean counter found a 1 cent cheaper diode or something. I suspect I (and others) will know very soon.

Finally, I see others have had the same problem as they have posted a similar story on this site. I am not impressed, Escort.

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Old August 4th, 2019
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Brand new out of the box, mine keeps falling off the window.
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Old August 7th, 2019
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Originally Posted by Radarkat View Post
Brand new out of the box, mine keeps falling off the window.
Make sure it is clean and sticky. If it becomes dirty and loses its stickiness, simply rinse it off with water while wiping the debris off with your fingers. Shake/air dry or you will reapply debris.

Also make sure that before you apply it to the windshield, open the locking tab. Press it on the windshield then lock the tab.

The tab should provide resistance. If it does not, reapply the cup to the windshield and try to push the locking tab inwards to press out air while applying it to the windshield.

If it continues to fall off then it is defective and will need to be replaced. For further assistance call us at the number in my signature below.

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or you can fill out a repair form and we will contact you.
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