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Old October 31st, 2012
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Originally Posted by Schofield-1991 View Post
Thanks! […] If i would of known about this Module before ordering the lighter plugin cord instead i would of got this in a heart beat. I just got the 12V coiled cord bluetooth connection about a month ago or a bit more.
How will this solve your problem of not having a wire running to the RD? You still need a physical RJ11/RJ45(?) cable (cord) to/from the RD and the SC DW.

Unless you position the SC DW next to the RD and get a really short cord (just a few inches) you will still need to run a cord from somewhere up to the RD. The SC DW comes with a 10-foot cable for that purpose. I guess you can use the ZR4 3-foot cord but it will still be too long. A custom and shorter RJ data cable (cord) is in order here. And that is the other question I have, which I will post on a separate thread.

Or, make a 9500iBT RD version! A fully integrated Bluetooth RD version to connect wirelessly to the SC DW or direct to the Android/iPhone app. Ahhhh! It is so easy to just dream and ask.

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