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Old August 29th, 2015
Mardi Gras Mardi Gras is offline
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Default San Antonio LEO Observations

I run around San Antonio quite a bit, wanted to share my observations about LEO patterns. This is primarily the area from downtown north, most detailed observations for the NW.

I'd like to encourage contribution.

  • SAPD has a 8 or so digit serial number on the back and sides, suffixed in (P)atrol unit (T)raffic unit, (W)ork unit (non-emergency admin). This is my opinion from empirical observation.
  • Traffic cops on expressways (410, I10, 281, 1604, I35) usually run both antennas constant on.
  • Traffic cops on smaller arteries or setup in a trap usually run 1 antenna.
  • Instant On - I've only seen this tactic a handful of times, seemingly within 5 calendar days either way of the 1st day of the month.
  • Unmarked Explorers, Suburbans and Crown Vics will retain the spotlight and two short stubby UHF antennas seen on marked police vehicles. Usually on the rear of the roof, either side of the stock radio antenna.
  • Other make/model unmarked Cars observed: Silver 2015 Mustang, White 2015 Charger, Black 2015 Charger, Black 2015 Challenger, Beige 2014 Charger
  • Unmarked cars may not present spotlight or any antennas other than stock.
  • Unmarked white 2015 Challenger with spotlight observed using IO radar.

Bexar County Police:
  • Usually run 1 antenna constant on.
  • Observed in "Great Northwest" area on roads connecting 410 to 1604. (Marbach, Culebra, Ingram, Bandera)
  • Always a White Tahoe, blue writing.

Bexar County Deputy:
  • May run 1 or 2 antennas.
  • Always White Suburban, black writing.
  • Patrols 1604 on NW side and all arteries leading in and out of the loop for several miles. (Babcock, Kyle Seale, Hausman, Bandera, Braun, Shanefield, Culebra, Marbach)

  • May run 2, 1, or most likely have both antennas off.
  • Observed on entire north segment of 1604.
  • Observed on UTSA, Babcock, Culebra, Bandera.
  • Observed setting up a speed trap from center lane on Grissom.
  • Antenna seem to be run on low power, detection range 50% or less of normal.

Bulverde PD:
  • Observed along 281 from South of 46 to SA city limits.
  • Usually 1 antenna.
  • Observed using single front antenna IO stationary and while on the move.

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Old October 9th, 2015
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San Antonio police usually run Ka band. However, outside of loop 1604 as well as along Babcock road, they seem to run K band.

LEOs usually run SUVs and some Chargers here.

There is a lot of K and Ka band pollution (non LEO radar) here in San Antonio so it will be nice if the new Max 360 could clear this up.
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Old October 15th, 2015
CAIN CAIN is offline
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I've noticed lots of speed traps on and around 410 and 35. Usually the new Explorers.
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Old October 26th, 2015
davbow davbow is offline
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There is always a speed trap on 37 near Hot Wells - often both directions.
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