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Old July 14th, 2017
john pifer john pifer is offline
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Default 3 am Laser Trap in Nashville

Ran into a particularly deadly laser trap in East Nashville on my way home from work this morning. I have an 18-mile commute from the airport, where I work, up to Madison, and I always take Briley Pkwy, a multi-lane, in-town expressway. The limit is 55 mph, which is ridiculous during the wee hours of the morning when I'm headed home. Before I got my Max 360 a couple of months ago, I would hold it to around PSL+8 or so, but, since I got the detector, I've been getting bolder, especially since I haven't seen much, if any, enforcement on Briley. So, lately I've been pushing it to PSL+15, even +25 in some places.

Anyway, thankfully, a couple of random things happened this morning that spooked me into holding down my speed. The first was a short blip of 34.7 I got as I was leaving the airport, which is unusual. Never saw the source. And the 2nd was also unusual - someone had marked a cop on Briley Pkwy. That's unusual because, 1, it's not heavily enforced at that time of morning, and, 2, there aren't that many drivers on Briley at 3 am, so, I don't put a ton of faith in Waze on that road at that time because of that.

Well, I slowed my butt down and there was no cop at the location where he was marked.

I was tempted to speed up, but I just maintained at about PSL+7 or so. Well, a mile or 2 down the road, after the long, straight section that goes downhill from Opry Mills to McGavock, I get a LASER alert from the 360. Took me about 10 seconds to see him - black unmarked Impala right before the McGavock overpass.

So glad I'd decided not to push it this morning. I do usually slow it down before I get to that overpass because it's a good place for them to hide. He actually wasn't too smart about it - it would have been sneakier to hide on the overpass on-ramp where he'd be blocked from view and then butt-shoot cars as they go under the overpass and think they're safe.

Anyway, I was speeding - not sure exactly how fast - maybe 5-9 mph over. I did slow down immediately so he probably got tipped off that I was running countermeasures. But he never pulled out - just gave me a disappointed look as I drove by

I marked him on Waze, and, of course, Live automatically tagged him.

It was a good outcome for me. It was a good warning to watch myself during the wee hours of the morning when it's dark and there aren't many other cars around to camouflage my speed with.
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