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Old September 20th, 2016
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Originally Posted by questbldr View Post
Well, from reading through the threads, it appears that no updates are available anymore for the Passport IQ. Would there be any of the last updates available anywhere...through Escort or others? I have Version 1.1 and it appears that there is a Version 1.3 out there. I really like my Passport IQ and it fakes out those in cities where radar detectors are not allowed...I will a new Passport IQ was out and I would love to get a hold of the newer updates...if anyone knows a source.

Can you please clarify your statement on cities where detectors are illegal? Reason I ask is there is no such thing. Radar detectors are legal in 49 of 50 states. Virginia and Washington DC are the only places detectors are illegal. Who ever told you different cities can outlaw radar detectors is full of crap.

As far as your IQ, sorry to say that model has been discontinued. I doubt Escort offers any updates or support for it.

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