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Old November 6th, 2019
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Default Radar monitor could help Kelowna RCMP target their traffic enforcement

Kelowna RCMP use technology to target speeders
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Old November 6th, 2019
flylow7f39 flylow7f39 is offline
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From that link:
"Speeders in Kelowna should consider themselves warned. RCMP are turning to technology to help catch speeders, but not in the way you might think. RCMP now have a radar monitor to target their enforcement. Megan Turcato explains."
"In a report to Kelowna City Council this week, the local RCMP superintendent said that traffic services now has a Black Cat brand radar monitor that can collect traffic data and “generates detailed reports to identify hot spots and peak periods for traffic enforcement.”"
"The Black CAT Radar unit allows for the collection of traffic data without the need for in-road traffic sensors. This newly developed radar product has the ability to detect the lane position of vehicles, thus allowing the device to monitor two lanes of traffic travelling in the same direction. Furthermore, improvements with the on-board algorithms ensure that the vehicle length measurement is more accurate, allowing for VBV classification."

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Old November 8th, 2019
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Wonder what frequency it uses. Couldn't find it in the technical papers. Photo radar is creeping back into BC.
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