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Old May 31st, 2017
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I have an Infiniti G35x. Absolutely no way the car is emitting IR to trigger the max. After about 2 months the symptom is gone. Here's my theory: I had adapted an old passport visor clip to mount it on the visor (I know about interfering with GPS). The laser alert stopped after I started laying it on top of the dash using one of those sticky plastic cell phone holders. One of 2 things (or both). I think the windshield tint might be causing the max to pick up whatever light frequency sets it off. It also happened, though not as much, when mounted on the visor of my Nissan truck. What I cannot figure out though, is I've tried turning it on while laying it on the passenger seat, away from the windshield tint, and it would still happen. Maybe there is also something about the metal clip inserted on top of the Max. I don't use that anymore, and no problems. I have not tried mounting it various ways to test the theory. One thing I did try. I held the max, no metal clip, behind the tinted glass... nothing. So I'm thinking the combination of the 2 or maybe just the clip itself, is causing the problem. It makes no sense.
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