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Old April 22nd, 2013
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Default The Title Bout: RedLine vs V1

Another Title bout between the Big Boys of the windshield mounts!

You knew it was coming. Enough bench testing of these new firmware options, it's time to hang them on the windshield and see what they can do in a real radar trap scenario.

The Test Course:

The course length was approximately 1.2 miles from the target car starting point to the location where the radar car was parked. You will also note the target point for the radar(s) marked on this sat photo. That was a slight bend where the radar had a clear shot at approaching targets. You will also note the 4000 ft mark which will be a good reference for evaluating the results.

Although we used just a single test site and setup, it proved to be an excellent choice for wringing out additional range from the new firmware options now available on both models.

A dry run from the Radar Car position up to the starting point on the test course:

A full run from the start position all the way to the radar car (RedLine #1's 2nd run on 34.7).

Test Methodology:

The radar car / radar was kept in a fix'd position (xmitting in constant on mode) to maintain consistent targeting between all runs. Likewise, the same target car was used on all runs with the detector mounted at a marked location near the center of the windshield. The target car was also operated with cruise control set at 50 mph to maintain a consistent approach speed towards the radar.

Radar Detectors:

RedLine 1 - New Unit Supplied by EscortRadar
RedLine 2 - New Unit Supplied by Oldcelt
V1 (1) - Version 3.893 Supplied by Detaillls
V1 (2) - Version 3.893 Supplied by RRRedrocket
V1 (3) - Version 3.893 Supplied by Nine_c1

Detector Settings:

RedLine 1&2 run in Highway mode, X-Band OFF, TSR OFFF, POP OFF, LSR ON. See chart for Ka segmentation and RDR settings.

V1 1/2/3 run in Euro Mode (except for stock settings run) Ka Custom sweeps with X-Band OFF.

V1 1 & 3 Custom sweeps - Sweeps 1/2/3/4/6 (34.7), Sweep 5 (35.5), Euro POP covers (33.8)
V1 2 Custom sweeps - Sweeps 1/2 (34.7), Sweep 3 (35.5), Euro POP covers (33.8)

Radar Units:

MPH Enforcer (33.8 Ka)
Stalker DSR 2x (34.7 Ka)
Kustom Golden Eagle (35.5 Ka)
Decatur Genesis I (K-Band)

Test Members:

Nine_c1 - Radar Setup and video guy
Detaillls - Target car wheel man
RRRedrocket - Detector alignment specialist
Oldcelt - Lookout for the PO PO

This test is a little unique in that the results of each run can be matched up with an actual video clip of that run. You want verified results.....see for yourself.

Results in the posts below!

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Old April 22nd, 2013
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Default 34.7 Ka Results

The Results / 34.7 Ka

34.7 Ka RedLine 1 Vids (RedLine 1.1) 4188 FT (RedLine 1.2) 4384 FT (RedLine 1.3) 4034 FT (RedLine 1 STK) 2477 FT

34.7 Ka RedLine 2 Vids (RedLine 2.1) 4086 FT (RedLine 2.2) 4041 FT (RedLine 2.3) 3968 FT (RedLine 2 STK) 2280 FT

34.7 V1C 1 Vids (V1C 1.1) 4034 FT (V1C 1.2) 4066 FT (V1C 1.3) 4019 FT (V1C 1 STK) 2435 FT

34.7 V1C 2 Vids (V1C 2.1) 2667 FT * (V1C 2.2) 4041 FT (V1C 2.3) 3982 FT (V1C 2.4) 4041 FT

34.7 V1C 3 Vids (V1C 3.1) 4151 FT (V1C 3.2) 4098 FT (V1C 3.3) 4107FT

Results for 35.5 Ka, 33.8 Ka and K-Band in the next post. In order to get these other bands tested, we elected to take just one copy of each detector and make two passes to complete the test.
Old April 22nd, 2013
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Default 35.5 Ka / 33.8 Ka / K-Band Results

The Results / 35.5 Ka

35.5 Ka RedLine 1 Vids: (RedLine 1.1) 4224 FT (RedLine 1.2) 4180 FT

35.5 Ka V1C 1 Vids: (V1C 1.1) 4111 FT (V1C 1.2) 4070 FT

The Results / 33.8 Ka

33.8 Ka RedLine 1 Vids: (RedLine 1.1) 4913 FT

33.8 Ka V1C 1 Vids: (V1C 1.1) 4428 FT (V1C 1.2) 4454 FT

The Results / K-Band

K-Band RedLine 1 Vids: (RedLine 1.1) 4224 FT (RedLine 1.2) 4297 FT

K-Band V1C 1 Vids: (V1C 1.1) 4188 FT

As you can see, the cameraman missed recording two videos! He blames it on his friggin iPhone and says it's not the first time it has failed him!

That's it folks. Looks like the heavy weight champ in this round was RedLine #1. But the real winners are both models running with their respective Ka special sweeps active and filtering options turned off.

In case anyone failed to notice, these new options were worth 60%-70% increased detection range on this course! That is beyond what even I would have imagined. This is just one test, and there are surely more to come, but we'd say it's looking GREAT so far for us RD fanatics!

Special Note
V1C #1 and #2 were programmed with custom sweeps just prior to this test. The 1st pass with V1C #2 on 34.7 was so bad we suspected the programming may not have successfully before making the 2nd run we re-loaded V1C #2 with the custom sweep programming from my Droid HTC4. It appears to have taken on the 2nd attempt.

Old April 26th, 2013
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I copied this comparison test which was originally posted in the General Detector section of the forum. Please post any comments in that thread which you can get to by clicking here

Thanks again to Nine_c1, Detaillls, RRRedrocket, and Oldcelt for putting this all together. Very well done!

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:30pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or by live chat
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