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Old August 24th, 2014
poulette73 poulette73 is offline
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Originally Posted by fumanchu View Post
Too, too many posts about the quality of this mount.
Really wanting to pull the trigger on the purchase of this device.
So, it seems Escort can't make a reliable mount. And yet, there are literally no aftermarket options as with other detectors.
So, Escort, I ask you this...
Why should I purchase the IQ with all the posts listed above w/issues?
And don't remind me that CS will be happy to send me a replacement mount if I have issues as well.
We are on a forum, and the statistics are not always representative.
You will find more easily a lot of people that connect to complain, but rarely other people who write only : "hi, everything is great, I am happy with this product..."

So I allow myself to give my personal experience :
  • I own my Passport iQ for more than 3 years (July 2011).
  • I use it every day.
  • I had problems with my mount at the beginning, but this was the first generation. Escort has corrected this and has released a new version of iQ mount (suction cup thicker and stiffer and a new Philips head screw to tighten the ball joint).
    Larry has sent me this new one (November 2011).
  • Since I have this new mount, my iQ has never fallen once from the windscreen.

Three years without falling it's possible !
Escort Passport iQ rev 2.8.2 (20120912.1)
Old August 25th, 2014
turbohawk turbohawk is offline
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My IQ mount has failed at least 3 times in the 10 months I've had it. The mount that came with the unit was absolutely worthless, I was sent another and that one works better but still fails from time to time. I don't leave the mount attached to the windshield unless I'm using it, and it's never in the sun unless I'm in the truck with it. It's painfully obvious to me that the mount was not engineered to handle properly the weight of this unit. New owner might be fine with the stock mount but I am looking for a better solution. I was planning to buy 2 more iQ's but have "cooled" off and decided better to use a full-featured Garmin in conjuction with a good used 8500 for this price point.
Old August 25th, 2014
DrB DrB is offline
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Default A double-suction cup mount would solve the problem

Old September 3rd, 2014
packhntr packhntr is offline
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I've reverted back to the original mount that my IQ came with (back a LONG time ago) as the new one I have been sent works well, but the ball mount is terrible. I've tightened it up all the way and secured it with the screw and when the weather is cold, it allows the unit to droop so far, it's unusable. BUT when it's HOT, it works great! The old one works well in all temps.
Old January 24th, 2015
speedybmw speedybmw is offline
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Default OEM IQ mount is junk - build your own

Build your own with RAM parts and Woods vacuum suction cup. Keep the backer plate from the OEM mount and trash the rest.
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Old August 22nd, 2015
DrB DrB is offline
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Default That mount looks sturdy!

Could you tell us which mount and suction cup models you used?

Last edited by DrB; August 22nd, 2015 at 09:37 AM.
Old February 29th, 2016
BillpassportiQ BillpassportiQ is offline
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Default Passport iQ mount

I have trouble with the mount for my Passport iQ. I purchased a new mount from Escort and it work for almost 2 years. The set screw was a nice upgrade but the suction cup is failing. What are my options? Do I have to buy another $20 suction cup?
Old May 3rd, 2016
dpp4sure dpp4sure is offline
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Default dpp4sure

I have the same problem. The mount will indeed fail if mounted on cold glass then the interior of the car warms up the entire unit will fall while connected to the PASSPORT iQ. This mounting hardware is totally inadequate and unreliable. When the entire unit falls this causes a driving hazard, and may damage your cars interior as it did in my Volvo coupe

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