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Old July 8th, 2019
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Default ZW5 Questions

I need some assistance, please. I own a Max 360 that I bought in Nov 2015 (serial 79) and I have decided that I need to add the ZW5 to this setup. I find myself in a speed trap intensive area and the density of these traps and their frequency is alarming and the use of laser/lidar in my town has exploded in recent years. I pass cop after cop and my MAX 360 sits silent while I observe laser guns pointed directly at me. While I see three different models typically, the binocular versions are the most interesting.

I have done lots of research and since I am already part of the Escort ecosystem, it just doesn't make sense to switch to another brand and I find the ZW5's to be appropriate for my area. There are no "dragon eyes" about in my local (yet). My primary intention is to defend during the daily commute about 20 miles each way daily across two different city jurisdictions. I do not plan to add any rear sensors (hence the ZW5). I have been using radar detectors since the mid-80's and owned one of the original Escort's and have upgraded several times over the years.

My questions are:

1. What is the effective radius of the sensor? While I am not afraid to modify my car grille, there is a location on the front that will be considerably easier to mount these sensors that are even with the upper 1/3 of the front license plate and about 15" diagonally from the headlights. The width of the front my car is ~32" across (smaller car).

2. I have the M1 Dashcam. Does the power passthrough? I will use the "cigarette lighter" for power. I saw a thread stating the max360c did not power pass through, does that apply to the whole 360 series?

Thank you, for helping me as I look to increase my defenses.
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