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She was pulled over for speeding.

Appears this happened in Cook County GA, in the southern portion of the state - close to the Florida border. Appears to be a rural, low population area. Seems some/many places in that part of the state are cash strapped and have been known for speed traps.

"Nield told CBC Toronto she was then asked to prove she was Canadian and although she had copies of her passport, Nexus card, and birth certificate on her phone, the officer wanted to see an original hard copy."


"According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services website, "non-U.S. citizens holding a valid foreign driver's licence are allowed to drive in the state of Georgia."


The website goes on to explain "in the case of a driver licence issued by the driver's licensing authority of a foreign country, a law officer may consult a person's passport or visa to verify the validity of such licence, if available.""


"In Monday's statement, Bennett said "the confusion that arose in this case was the fact Ms. Nield stated she lived in Tennessee.""

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