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Originally Posted by HenryBraxton View Post
I've had a Escort 8500 for almost 10 years now and its held up well and been fairly accurate.

As new technology comes out (lane monitoring, parking assist, etc) it seems that new cars are outputting more radar than ever before.

Have any of the new Escort radars kept up with these changes and able to block out the "noise"?
Just look at Escorts website. lol THis is what they specialize in. Escort focuses on filtering and it's a top priority. You have got to get rid of that old detector and try a new digital unit like mine. The Max360 and Max360c do a great job at filtering noise.

Do you have a budget? If not I would strongly strongly recommend the Escort Max360c. This is what I use and it's awesome.
I use the following Escort Products

Escort Redline EX
Max360c with wifi
M1 Dash cam with both detectors
Escort Live
ZR5 Shifters
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