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Question Please Help: 9500ci errors

Hey all, I have been happily running my 9500ci for a few years now an just today I started getting a persistent "Check Receiver Wiring" error. I am about to go on a 3,000 mile road trip this Friday and am trying to rapidly fix this problem.

The current issue: My device powers on normally and shows the icon for GPS searching and the status of the radar for about 10-15 seconds then every time it returns back to the "Check Receiver Wiring"

I have done some research and tried messing with my device. All the wires are properly plugged into the hub with no recent changes to my car. I tried messing with the RJ plugs and everything is making contact and I don't see any issues.

I read here on the form that some people have been able to reset the device and that fixed their issue sometimes, if I don't make any progress I plan to try that out tonight.

Can anyone who has had issues like this please help me??
Thanks in advance!
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