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Default How to properly set up and integrate max CI 360 with a ZR5 system?

Okay so after a lot of waiting patiently and several discussions with my authorized dealer, I am going to stop waiting for the 6 head bridge box and move forward with protecting our Mercedes G wagon. Nobody knows for sure when a bridge box will come out and my dealer doesn't seem to think the price will be all that different from a ZR5 system.
With that said, it seems like the easiest thing to do is to run all 4 heads from the Max 360ci in the front of the car with all the indicator switches moved to the front. With a ZR5 system in the rear of the car. Sound good so far?
Front placement, what does Escort suggest, 4 heads in a line across? Going in order heads left to right 1,2,3,4? Or 2 low in the front on either side and 2 in line above them towards the top? If so 1 and 2 bottom 3 and 4 top? What layout would be advised. I will not throw my AD under the bus, they are more than willing to play with this, but also highly suggested another system with a proven 3 head layout saying at this time head placement is more of a guess than anything.
Last question as they said it was impossible. Can the controller of the Max CI be tied together to power on/off the ZR5 system and turn the shifters off? I don't know how easy it would be to be driving recolonize the alert and than select which controller to double tap to pause the jamming process
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