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Originally Posted by thoerr View Post
Wow, I can't believe the Escort moderator is actually admitting that it is updatable but they never intended to update it. This is truly false advertising because the courts will go with intent. If they are selling a product that and advertising it as updatable with the intent of never updating, that is considered false advertising.

I also purchased this unit because I saw no need for the direction arrows for an extra $150. Money was not really the object. I would never have purchased this unit if I had known the IVT filter was obsolete the day it came off the assembly line. What idiot would have unless that was not a determining fact for purchasing it? This unit is effectively useless since I have had to turn the k band off.

This is easy money for a class action attorney. I agree to give me a credit and I will upgrade to the MAX 360.
I agree. I would go with the 360c due to it matching the inside of my car but I would also want my 3 year warranty and Defender Database transferred too. Plus something tells me the 360 will be on its way out soon.
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