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After just a few days using the new EL app, I noted your same concerns back in April.

Originally Posted by RushEMS View Post

Hello. Running the new EL app (Version 3.0.30 / Build:0) on an iPhone 8+ with iOS 12.3 Dev beta 2.

My initial impressions are that this is a stable and useful tool to compliment my Redline EX while driving here in Europe.

Suggestions for firmware updates/improvements:
1.) Please consider allowing a default zoom setting feature, similar to other popular traffic navigation apps. I ask for this since the app still requires me to either zoom in on initial launch, or it fails to zoom out when I am traveling at higher speeds where a larger view would be adventageous for situational awareness.
2.) Allow for a setting that dictates the minimum warning distances for various selected threats. I.E., the old app would allow me to set red light camera distances. This seems to have gone away with the new app and it's much farther than my previous app's settings were.
3.) Along with #2 above, please allow for more than one single audible alert when approaching known selected threats. I.E., I currently only hear one alert, and this is coming way too early from the actual alert, a reminder as I approach the threat would be nice.
4.) While manually selecting the "phone" Alert audio option, which is a very nice feature to announce alerts over the BT audio in my car, I am now being constantly alerted to signals that have already been previously classified by the auto learn feature for known stationary non-threats. It's so annoying that I now leave it to the Auto setting.
5.) In the old app, I was able to manually mark known speed cameras etc, and these were indicated as BLUE markers against the Defender RED icons. I seem to have lost these manual markers. I enjoyed having the ability to utilize this in the event that I did not have network connectivity with the Defender DB or EL was down and not working and think having local/user only markers is a nice feature to remain incorporated.

Side note/Caveat to the above: It seems as if some of my previously saved markers are still being utilized, either by my REX as saved locations, althought I am not for sure. What I don't understand is the ability to confirm a real or false threat. I am being offered a chance to confirm /deny the same threats every time I pass them, speaking about fized speed cameras for example.
There never seems to be any acknowledgement to this feature. With competitor crowd sourced traffic apps that allow reporting of police and speed cameras, this functions primarily on the "street cred" of the user. Those that are well established users have the ability to dismiss false reports and establish previously unknown threats. Does Escort have any plans to establish a credibility score for it's user?

All in all, I am very pleased nonetheless. Special thanks to all the alpha and beta testers to make the app what it is so far. I hope this information is useful to Larry and Escort for future firmware updates pending, based upon the mass of all of us new testers from the initial release.

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