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Default My IQ have a black faceplate

Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
If your Passport iQ looks like this with a black faceplate then it has the latest firmware already installed:

Registering your Passport iQ will give you access to download Detector Tools which is used to upgrade your iQ's firmware. Defender camera database updates are only for North America too. Passport iQ is designed for use in North America. There really is no need to update your iQ. You will not notice any difference as long as yours has a black faceplate.

Map updates come on an SD card, which you can order by calling us, but the maps are only for North America so they will not help you.

If your Passport iQ has a silver faceplate then enter our address to register and download Detector Tools to update the firmware. Our address is: 5440 West Chester Rd, West Chester, OH 45069.
My IQ really have a black faceplate, identical at this picture.
So, is not necessary to do a registration in order to can order of a SD card when I want? I travel to USA some times on vacation, so I will use them in USA some times.

Thanks a lot.