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With this update, those of us with the 9500ci should see a substantial improvement in the performance of the unit. Traditionally, the ci acted like the old Redline, aka sleeping beauty, meaning it was slow to react on quick or instant on Ka shots. RDR off should change that substantially and do away with the delay as was the case when Redline got the same improvement nearly two years ago. The addition of band segmentation means that the ci will have to sweep LESS of the Superwide Ka band, meaning that it should be more reactive and false less to Cobras etc., particularly in the 33.6XX range which is near MPHs 33.8. (This will be handled by seg # 2 being ON. As ER stated, the best segs to turn on are 2/5/8/. There's been much hullabaloo about out of tune Ka guns, BUT this is a very rare occurrence. ITS your option if you want to turn on Seg # 6, 7,9 to cover those potentialities. Remember though, the more segs, the slower the sweeps.

The update did magic to the Redline a few years back and this one should do the same. I am expecting Stir-O like performance from the ci. IN the meantime, Happy Motoring and Drive Smart!!
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