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OK, finally got it to reset to factory settings. With this my display no longer showed anything! I could toggle brightness and hear through the speaker that the settings were changing, but the display was completely black. Using Live! I could see that the detector was running.

I used the Advanced tab of Escort Tools (to update all devices) and followed the on-screen directions to update everything. Tools updated 5 different items, and then the 9500ci rebooted and my 9500ci display was working again!

I checked settings using Live! and same as before. Cannot turn off segment 3, but all other segments toggle as expected.

Also there is still no option to turn off RDR (or TSR).

I then tried to update the database (in case that gets removed by a hard reset) and I got an error that the database was corrupt (it was fine earlier today). I removed the database and installed fresh data using Escort Tools, and this seemed to complete normally.

I wonder if I have a bad detector. The installer had issues setting it up initially and had to call Escort for problems 3 times. He had problems getting the the hardwired Live! to work, then he had problems getting the display to work if the hardwired Live! was also connected (either one would work, just not if both connected).
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