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Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
The Laser ShifterPro Tool software is now available on our product registration webpage for the Laser ShifterPro standalone system and Passport 9500ci w/Laser ShifterPro.

The Laser ShifterPro Tool is only compatible with computers using Windows operation system.

Using Laser ShifterPro Tool to change various settings of the Laser ShifterPro and install the latest firmware.
As of 1/22/2014 there have been no firmware updates for the Laser ShifterPro shifters. Your shifters came from the factory with the latest firmware available.

Installation instructions: (also provided on the Tools download page)
Download and extract the Escort Shifter Pro Tool in zip file.

In windows simply right click on the folder and choose, "Extract" or "Extract All" On the next screen (which gives you the option to change the destination path), simply choose "Extract". Now you have the Unzipped folder, which contains multiple files. All of the files MUST remain in the directory for the tool to run.

To run the Laser ShifterPro Tool click on the file named, "Laser Shifter Pro.exe"

To Update Escort Shifter Pro (Standalone unit ONLY - Serial):
You will either need to have a native serial port on your PC or purchase a USB to serial adapter. If you purchase an adapter, it will most likely require the installation of a driver to support the cable. This will either be included via disk with your cable or available for download from the cable manufacturer website.

To Update Escort Shifter Pro (Bridgebox ONLY - USB):
You will just need a standard 2.0 or greater "Type A Male to Mini-B Male USB cable". You will also need to install the Silicon Labs CP2102 Driver found on their website at:

Make sure to run the proper installer for your operating system:
CP210xVCPInstaller_x86.exe for 32-bit systems
CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe for 64-bit systems
I have version 1.14 but the LSP tools says they have version 1.17 how do I update the firmware its not in your instructions. And what's in the firmware update?

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