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Originally Posted by zonearc View Post
They didn't walk me through any of it when I picked it up. They directed me to the manual and the 800 number.

The instructions are not particularly helpful. They dont tell you which bands to turn on and off by state, etc. That's fine tuning which I went to customer service for and they were not helpful either.

I'm also not an expert and while I could have spent 20 hours pouring through forums, I'm just not interested in doing so. As a consumer, I shouldnt have to become an expert for every product I purchase.

With that said, I really appreciate all of your help!
Totally get that and understand where you are coming from. This is why the forum is here and I was more than glad to be of assistance to you. Since joining the forum here and getting my Escort Products (recently added a Redline Also) I enjoy helping others. I hope everyone enjoys their products as much as I do, and I want to help everyone get the most out of it.

If you need anything just ask. Glad to help as I am able to. It's fun to learn and I learn lots from helping others too.

Keep us posted on how things are going!
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