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Originally Posted by Jsan View Post
I have sent in my Redline to be repaired 3 times already and now if I send it in again it'll be the fourth time.

"Service Required" message came up each time.

1st Time - Sent it in, Escort fixed it and sent it back. Lasted for a while

2nd Time- the message came up, Contacted Escort they said I need to buy their premium warranty repair for $139 for them to fix my redline. I said sure.
Paid them the money, sent it in. Got it back, lasted about 1.5year

3rd Time- After 1.5 year since the last repair. Message popped up again. called Escort they said my extended warranty had expired 6 months ago. I need to buy their premium warranty again for them to fix it. Bought the warranty and sent it in. They sent it back

4th Time- Half hour after I got it back from last repair, same message popped up again

Now I think at this point, this detector is a lemon and I think Escort should replace it for me with a new or refurbished unit.

Each time I sent it in for repairs I was without the detector for at least 1.5 months. And each time I paid for shipping to send it in. the three times before last I had to pay good money to send it in because I was in a remote town and shipping was expensive.

So instead of sending it in for the fourth time, Is there anyone at Escort I can talk to about my situation?

Pm EscortRadar, or just call in .

It sounds like there must be some underlying problem with that Redline possible. If it was me I would just retire the unit and go with a newer detector like the Redline EX or others, so you have better filtering ......
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